118 comments on “Tool Shed Updates

  1. OMG twinsies! I use those IKEA bars for EVERYTHING.. I love them (and the price!) great lookin shed boys! I’m jealous.. We need major sheds up in here. I love how you put the plants around it to make it look nice even though it’s a shed, SO MANY people just don’t get that! ya know? Even storage can look GOOD, right!? Oh, and btw… I think in your last picture I see a sneak peak of what roof you’re puttin on there.. .maybe? I love the corrugated if so 😉

    • You got us Jesse, it is corrugatd tin…I didn’t have an in-between projects pic. We just get carried away sometimes and forget.

  2. You have really jazzed that bad boy UP!! Nice work!! Hope it is nice & secure…..I can’t recall if it is open to the street or not…. I’d be SICK if thieves decided to tear the doors down to get inside & make off with your tools after all your hard work….! Love these DIY posts!!! Y’all inspire me!!!

    • I’d thought about break-ins too. That fence is like a ladder isn’t it? The shed doesn’t really lock now but there isn’t much we would miss….AND we have a Doberman.

  3. For the roof… Have you seen the aluminum can shingles? I think the look of something like that would be really nice.

  4. Awesome shed, functional and stylish. Who’d thought a tool shed could serve as such a win win? Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Meant to ask, what is the galvanized bucket in front of the container with the post hole digger? Looks like an old fishing bait bucket? Whatever it is, me likes.

      • It is a minnow bucket…you have good eyes. I’ll buy anything galvanized…and it looks cool on the kitchen table full of red roses and evergreens at Christmas.

  5. I can’t believe I’m going to say AWESOME JOB about a tool shed-but I just have to! You may have inspired me to go ahead with putting one in our yard and freeing up some garage space! And I think you could free up even more floor space with some wall hangers/hooks on the inside for those long-handled tools. I spied the great roof update in the photo as well. AWE-SOME!!

  6. We had the same, exact shed at our former house. It was $500-ish, wasn’t it? I am going to borrow your idea for the latch + handles on our yet-to-be-completed garden shed. Always remember: imitation = flattery.

    • We had issues with the old latch….as the shed moved, it didn’t. It took a large amount of force to open/close. Borrow away.

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      • You definitely want the roof slanting the way it is if you have the shed pushed up next to a structure. If it is slanted the opposite way all the moisture that lands on it will drain towards the house and do damage.

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  9. Worked on my potting area yesterday and invisioned this very Shed!!!! Where did you get it and I love all of the wonderful things you have added to it. Plan to make all of your ideas my own as soon as you soon as you relinquish your source!
    Donna Williams, Columbia, SC

    • Hi Donna! Jamie found this shed in the Skymall catalog on an airplane, it was a few years ago and they don’t make this exact one anymore 😦 But if you Google there are several similar ones available online now…….

      • Thanks James, I actuallly started digging and found a great one on Wayfare. I have ordered from them before and they seem to stand by their products. We have recently moved into a 1958 home on a small lake. This year we completed a huge kitchen renovation and yard project. I an ready to get my garden going again after a full year off. I am enjoying your Blog! Happy Easter or Pass Over Anyway, have a Blessed Day!

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    • Aw thanks…(blush)..I’m a set designer for a living and can learn quite a bit from your site. I’m always looking for new inspiration. 🙂


  12. LOVE this shed! I have a small backyard and this summer I am starting to completely change everything up. Tearing down the old broken down shed and figured I would just not have one. I don’t like the look of having a shed hanging out by itself in the corner of my yard. So I was thrilled to see this! Its perfect. But then after reading I was sad to hear it was no longer available. Then 2 of your followers said that they found it at Wayfair! I was going to order it next year but I don’t want to miss out. I am totally adding the corrugated roof. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    Here’s the link…

  13. We bought ours for extra saddles and horse tack supplies. It hasn’t held up very well. As the tongue and grove dried in summer it has created openings between all the boards running vertically on the door. Such and bummer, plus the water drains off the roof onto the doors creating mildew streams both inside the doors and out. Any ideas on how I can improve the openings between the boards on the front? I like your idea of handles and a different latch on the front. Ours never quite lined up right even when level. Currently we are using twine. Way paid over $400 from Brookstone

  14. Love your energy, your organization and thoughtful designs! I was able to locate the shed you purchased or one very much like it from Amazon approx $578 and free shipping. The brand was Leisure Season.

  15. Hello, can you help me, these sheed is wonderfull, héroe in my country never sow before. Do you know how can you help me to build one these?

  16. We’re in the process of building a shed like yours. I went into Pinterest to look for some ideas as to how what kind of siding to use. I found yours and absolutely love it! Where did you get the Russet stain and Redwood siding?

    • Hi Mary, we get most of our home improvement supplies at Home Depot. If you live in the US, I’m sure there is something similar near you…..

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  21. I love your shed! What color stain dos you use on it? Love the contrast with the black hardware!!!

  22. I don’t know if my comment went through, but I was asking about the stain color that you used on the shed. It looks great with the hardware! Also, did you do a polyurethane top coat or a dealer of some sort? Love your design!!!!

    • Hi Piper, our stain color is Russet from Hone Depot. Here’s the trick though. I had them only mix 25% of the colorant so it’s kinda light and let’s the wood grain show through. Glad you like it. Best of luck!

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  24. we ordered one and the boards did not match up and my husband called and the company offered no help at all. He had to purchase lumber to build the shed correctly and had to add additional stabilizibing boards to make it sturdy enough to stand on its own. The roof did not fit correctly and my husband had to alter it to fit. After a couple of years it srarted falling apart – and is now in total disarray. Would never purchase another one – would be easier to build from scratch.

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    • We used a russet colored stain from Home Depot…but it only has 1/4 of the colorant so the wood comes through a little more than usual….

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  34. Where do you find russet stain? Is this stain a certain brand? I am looking for something for my cedar shutters

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  43. We own the same exact shed that you refurbished and I was so inspired by what you did! My husband is now following your guidance on your blog and our refurbished shed is taking shape. I did have a question for you – where did you find the scalloped trim for the roof of the shed? I’ve looked on the internet and haven’t had much luck finding it. Any advice would be appreciated! And thank you for your creative ideas. Love them.

    • Hi Ann, so glad we could inspire you. Our shed is just the right size for all the yard tools I don’t want to see in the garage. As far as that scalloped detail…..it’s just the trim for holding the metal roof in place. Nothing fancy. Pretty sure they sell it in the same area of the hardware store as the sheet metal. Hope this helps….and we’d love to see pics of your finished shed!

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  59. Hello! I saw on Pinterest that you sell this as a kit. Is it true? If yes, how much does it cost and can you send it to Southern California? I need a storage shed for our outdoor furniture cushions!

    Thanks! ~Nikki

    • Hi Nikki, I certainly hope Pinterest isn’t telling people that! We bought that shed from an American Way magazine about 10 years ago…… sorry, but they don’t sell them anymore. And we never did. 😐

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  64. Nevermind…..I think I found my answer….Behr @ Home Depot…Russet @ 25% colorant….correct?

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