15 comments on “Cabo San Lucas 2013

  1. Looks like fun… My Spanish is also abysmal… But from years of having Hispanic domestic staff, I always remember the important words… Gun.. rope….. knife… Come la revoloucion I hope for a quick and painless death..

    • Lenny, sent you a postcard in my broken Spanish. I hope it reaches Lubbock, If the mexican postal workers read it they may burn it because it’s so offensive.

  2. ))) . I also love sea glass.. I still have the first piece I ever found when I was FOUR years old. IMAGINE me holding onto something… And for over… Well… Twenty years… My.

  3. At least weather fiascos make for good stories once you’re back. My nephew got married on the beach in Nassau just as Hurricane Sandy was breaking over the island. Now the story of their wedding is much more entertaining than if everything had been boring old sunny and pleasant!

    • I hear ya Carole, but it sure would be nice to have one boring vacation…..Maybe road trip to the Grand Canyon next year, but there could be a freak monsoon in Arizona that week 🙂

  4. Still trying to stop laughing at the Tom Petty comment. The beginning sounds like vacation heaven to me. Blue water, tropical drinks, no worries…The storm, the “good weed” and Mexican prison, not so much. Looks like a vacation with lots of great memories.

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