10 comments on “The Diary of Nicholas Oldman

  1. Your comment about the tome in your hand sounded like the exact words from my son’s mouth. However, it was an e-reader or time to sell some of his 1000 or so books! He broke down and got the Paperwhite and it is his new best friend, lol! He can have access to so many books wherever he goes. I look forward to telling him about this book. As usual, I love reading every new post from you. Have a happy Sunday.

    • Tracie…..I have books everywhere. Just built a new bookcase (Post on that to come later) and decided to thin them out a little. Got a box ready for Goodwill in the garage. I sure am going to miss books when they finally disappear altogether……

  2. eeeeeck! squeal! How exciting for you! I mean, your pic of Jamie’s footprints on the cover of a book…………………..it’s like, you guys are (almost) famous. 😉

  3. I too love the feel of a book in hand, however I’ve been converted to ebooks for my daily commute – it’s so much easier to load a book into my phone to read on the subway than lugging around a book on top of my regular workday stuff like purse, lunch bag, umbrella, etc.

  4. I LOVE my books – I mean, seriously, I love them. I turned a small room in my house into a totally bookcase lined library (13 Ikea bookcases with the neat lights hanging off the tops – put it all together myself, just about killed me, haha) to hold my few thousand books, and I spend hours in there, sometimes not even really reading, just browsing, pulling books off the shelves at random and reading passages. I love holding them, and moving them around. I have one bookcase in there that is filled with all my daughter’s childhood books, too – she’s grown and newly married, but I just love having them there. It looks really neat at night from outside (I also have one of those cool shelf ladders that everyone seems to love), and last year on Halloween when I opened the door to a group of kids, one of the Dads standing with the parents on the street called out “Could I come in and look at your library?”, lol! The other parents died laughing, but I said sure, and he came in and took pictures, haha. I also set up a Little Free Library in front of my house – the kids in the neighborhood love it! I have a Kindle and a iPad, but only use them to read when I travel – and when I need to read an eBook – like now! Thanks for the recommendation, I already downloaded it; very cool 🙂

  5. Dear, dear James and Jamie 🙂

    I am, for once, absolutely lost for words. I mean, holy-hell’s-bell’s! What a fantastic review that was… you brought several tears to my eyes… I am so pleased you liked it, and yes, you were right about why I chose your picture, it is spot on I think, captures the loneliness beautifully from those words.. I hope you will let me trawl through your other photos and choose two more for parts 2 and 3 (which are coming along nicely).

    I love the way you have referred to me as ‘young man’, I am 49, that Twitter picture was taken 2 years ago… still, I have almost convinced myself I am immortal, so maybe that’s it 🙂

    I must also take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the lady above, Amber, for downloading it, I hope you enjoy it, dear lady 🙂 I would love to hear your opinion.

    Thank you again, guys, your kind words and breath-taking review mean the world to me, a fuel for the inspiration to carry on.


    • Michael, I really loved it. I’m so glad to be a small part of it….if only I have 2 more pictures that would work for you. Hurry up with the next 2.



      (If your 49…you must drink plenty of water and use suncreen)

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