8 comments on “Seaside Memory Jars

    • Mary Ann, I don’t buy t-shirts, I pick up trash…. Doesn’t have to be exotic, I think this same kinda thing could work with a walk in the woods, around a lake, I’d say National Park, but I thinks that’s illegal…..

  1. I do the same thing! No labels. Ongoing jars of the Jersey Shore and Rehoboth Beach, then different ones for trips. My other strange obsession is those cheapy plastic snow globes 😉

  2. What a coincidence as today I picked up polished glass from a small beach that my dog likes to swim at. I scatter mine around my outdoor cactus plants.

  3. Have recently discovered your blog and am loving your home! This is such a cool project, love the glass jars and the idea of having the memories of your travels as keepsakes. I’m inspired to do something similar, but I may try the clear tape they make for label machines, so the black font is all you see against the glass. You two have a fabulous home and your chronicles offer excellent design ideas, inspiring DIY projects and useful organization techniques. Best to you.

    • Clear tape? They make clear tape? Get outta my way…..I’m headed to Office Depot! I grab a new jar every time we take a trip…..and have an empty one right now for our Florida trip next month.

      Thanks for the love, you have made our Wednesday morning , we work hard at this and it’s nice when people notice!

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