12 comments on “Life’s a Banquette…

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to see the cushion cover. I’ll be super impressed if you guys tackle that project! I’m sending a little something your way this week that didn’t work out for me. It might come in handy for the banquette… Watch for it in the mail 🙂

  2. You…are…brilliant! I…am…jealous! (Actually, I have no place for a Banquette…but if I did..;I would be “pea green” right now!) Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • Thank God we aren’t the only ones….hehe, she won’t be allowed anywhere near the new one (we simply place the “cone of shame” on anything we want her to avoid…works like a voodoo spell)

  3. Truly AWESOME!!! Can’t wait for that next post on that cushion! And when the reno starts on the master bath I know that is going to be fantastic! This will forever be one of my fave blogs!

  4. I love love your home. I left a really long comment but am afraid that it didn’t go thru. Do you think I can incorporate your style in a South Carolina home with all the crown molding? I am from Texas and love everything you have in your house. Do you just search antique stores and do you have a purpose you are looking for or just what you like? I can not seem to find good finds over here.
    Where did you get your lamp over the new built in sofa? What are your wall paint colors? When it is available will you please list where it can be purchased, we want to copy you!!! Thanks for a wonderful blog that I am addicted to now!!!

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