25 comments on “More Cushion for the………Banquette

  1. Perfect fabric choice! The black ties the whole sitting nook together…black chair seats, black on the pillows…black (or is it ORB, I forget) lighting. AWESOME!

  2. You are so right, that cushion is amazingly perfect! I really enjoy all that you guys do, love seeing your posts and love your look. My daughter lives down there and when I go to visit her soon, I want to check out your stores you mention on here, love them! The price you got that foam for was great! Foam has gotten so expensive , I’ve been told, because of the oil product prices! Keep posting, please, I need the motivation!!😃

    • Hi Pam! We are so glad that you’re following along with us…..Lots of great junk stores in Big D, don’t miss Curiosities in Lakewood…My personal favorite!

  3. As usual, your meticulous attention to every last little detail pays off in HUGE returns! Simply MARVELOUS!!!

    • AAaaawww, you are too sweet. We try to write about what we are doing, and what interests us…..and it’s such a complete pleasure when it resonates with someone, Thanks for letting us know 🙂

  4. Looks great, you are really such clever and creative guys! And what a wonderful reading nook it would be – near good light, lots of pillows, snack sources aren’t far away……..

  5. I knew you Cavender boys were going to come up with something stylish, tasteful, and downright perfect! LOVE the black, it blends so nicely into your home. : )
    What does Harley think of the new cushion?!

    • You know Christina, the old loveseat that was there had been Harley’s special sofa once……but she seems to have forgotten it all together. We usually set the “cone of shame” on any sofa we don’t want her on…..works like Doberman Kriptonite…..no need with the banquette yet.

    • It is cozy Sherry. It’s the only place Jamie sits now…..I’m afraid that he’s going to imprint the cushion with his but!

  6. Great instructions – especially on how to find an odd-sized cushion! I love the lamp hanging over the table – where did you find that?

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