19 comments on “The Magnificent Millicent Rogers

  1. You guys are amazing. I found your blog several weeks ago from another one and I so enjoy all your thoughts and comments. I have learned so much from you-I guess we love the same things and find the same things interesting. I wish you were my neighbors. What fun!!! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I am always so excited to find you on my blog feed.

    • Thanks Ruth…Glad we found each other, We started this blog to share the things we liek with like-minded people….Glad you’re here!

  2. Thank you for lovely post on Millicent Rogers. I first learned of this fascinating lady two years ago when we summered in New Mexico. There was a big spread in one of the local magazines about an upcoming festival and she was one of several women they were highlighting. They were saluting her, and the others, for all they had done for NM. She seemed like quite a magnetic personality. If you want to see some beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry, be sure to go to Red River, just outside Angel Fire.

  3. That yellow cab she hired during the war… Story is much better than just that. She took a taxi one day, and liked the driver, so she did just tell him to keep the meter running, and agreed to hire him as her private car for the duration of the war… But she also had the car painted black… And the back seat upholstered in leopard skin.

  4. She designed her own jewelry and clothes, often,,, to incredible style. It was a shame she was so rich, otherwise she might have been wildly successful.

  5. By the way,,, I have always loved the photo you posted. It is so munificently Milicent. She is wearing a diamond encrusted Russian imperial order, paired with all of those silver Navajo bracelets and somehow pulls it off… She is a goddess.

  6. I am proud to say we are distant relatives. Both of Millicent’s grandparents were Mayflower Rogers descendants, we are all descended from Thomas Rogers. By the way, as a child, her father Harry was a favorite of the family friend, Mark Twain. One of his books is dedicated to ” my young friend Harry Rogers .”

  7. Thanks for this wonderful and informative post. I’m going to check out my local library for the book and add the Taos museum to my bucket list.

    • I went to this museum and it was wonderful. You will love it. And there’s many more great museums and things to do in Taos!

  8. Those amazing rugs would look soooo wonderful hanging from the wood railing of my loft….just saying!!! Back to New Mexico, it’s on my bucket list!

  9. I wish I had some of that “junk”. Thanks for sharing. I learned something new today thanks to you.

  10. Fantastic stuff! I had never heard of her. Thanks for the wonderful history lesson, and the gorgeous pics! I do love silver and turquoise.

  11. Just last month I finished reading Searching for Beauty by Cherie Burns, about Millicent Rogers. I love social history – she was a fascinating character!

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