8 comments on “Paint it Black

  1. They all look fabulous in the photos with such good lighting. I have a Craftsman style house with mahogany walls and ceilings. They suck up every bit of light just like a telephoto lens on a camera. If you do go for it, you might try one accent wall at a time and see if the light level suits your taste.

    • I hear ya sister. Our khaki walls glow yellow in every pic…so I can just imagine what black will do. An Accent wall is def. a good idea…but where? Hhhmmm

  2. I love black. Just love it. I only wish I could put it somewhere too. That first pic of the two portraits and the trunk with the saddle is so you guys. In fact when I first saw it I thought, “Oh, they painted the hall black and it looks awesome!” I agree in that everything pops against black. Definitely something to ponder……….

    • Megan, that first picture sparked the whole post…and it almost looks like the end of our hallway, but we don’t have room for a trunk and saddle. I think it’s an OOOOolld Ralph Lauren showroom, but I don’t remember the collection. Those cowboy pictures are just fab, and would certainly balance out all the indian pics we have. Stay tuned…

  3. Black can be gorgeous, it depends. The way you used black in your den and the photos with the saddle, etc. , perfect – an effective highlight. I really do not think I would enjoy an all black room because color envelops and sets a mood. For me, a black room would be a downer especially in a kitchen. All my rooms are saturated colors and affect me positively when I am in them. Our dark Georgian green dining room is best at night with candles.
    Love your blog!

  4. I thought the first photo was from your home! I’ve never considered black but these photos could sway the argument in its favour. Beautiful examples. Love your blog!

  5. The top photo obviously screams Cavender and Texas all at once. Love it. There’s something about that paneled wall in the kitchen photo that makes me want to move into that house right now.

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