9 comments on “Greetings From The American Southwest

    • Jessy, I’m like a crow…..always filling my pockets with (ticket stubs, pretty rocks, matchbooks, botle caps, fortune cookie fortunes….) anything pretty. I’m so drawn to these graphics..and I look for them all the time.

  1. I have that Oklahoma postcard! I found it randomly at at tiny antique store in CA, of all places! I have it framed with an aerial postcard (of the same style) of OKC. I really need the Tulsa one though, since that is my hometown and where we live now. Time to do some searching! 🙂

    • I just checked on eBay, they have several Tulsa….but they ain’t cheap (5 – 10 bucks)….But can you put a price on your personal history? No, no you can’t.

  2. I am verde with envy. I was born in Tucson, graduated from Roswell High School, went to UNM for graduate school and studied geology (so the Grand Canyon is awesome). Plus, I’ve always loved this style of postcard. I’m ready to book a plane ticket, lure you out of your home and stuff my purse full of treasure!

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