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    • Thanks Stephen, most of it is Ralph Lauren, like the black/white stripe with the skull and bones ( I like them so much I have 3 sets ) …and the khaki comforter. The big pillows are Target floor pillows. The red/black Navajo blanket is Pendleton….we got it in Santa Fe last summer.

      • Hi Paula, it’s not technically vintage, but it is a discontinued style. We bought it in Albuquerque about 10 years ago. Sorry that I don’t remember the name of it, but if I think of it I’ll let you know.

    • LAURIE!!! You are so sweet! I’m so glad that you found us! I’d love to come to Ohio…but it would have to be in the warm summer. We were looking at granite at 7 am this morning…it was in the low 30’s and we raced back to the car FOR the seat warmers!!..

      I’m so glad that you’re following us!!

  1. Wow. I’m speechless. Your home is amazing! I popped over here from Kara Paslay’s page before I even read her entire post because the pictures of your home are so inspiring. I see many of the same elements of “hoarding” in your home that I have in my own. But, your stuff is displayed with so much panache…and I’m going to steal some of your ideas for my house. Thank you for the inspiration. Now that I’ve found you guys I will check back often!

    • Marcia, you have made our morning…how wonderful for us to wake up to such a sweet comment..glad you like all our “treasures” ( the backflow is all in the garage right now…and Jamie keeps making trips to Goodwill to unload some of it ) …we are so thrilled that we inspired you …Love to see your results sometime!

  2. i love that when people come to visit ya’ll…they totally get your personalities just by your design style. i love all the collections….very unique. i was glueing those belt buckles onto a mirrior in my mind…..because that is flippin’ awesome. come on and do it!!! the glue will peel off if you hate it….but atleast everyone can see your fabulous collection and they are crammed in a bowl :-). glad they found the “an” for you.

    • The black and white stripe is Raph Lauren (love it so much we have 3 complete sets) , the red/black pillow cases are Very old Ralph Lauren (eBay score), I’m sure you are really asking about the Red/Black Pendelton blanket at the foot of the bed….Pendelton-usa.com

      • I love the bedding !! I just found yall while I was looking on Google for new bedding !! So glad it lead me to yall !! LOVE YOUR HOME !! 😃

  3. I have a question about your wall color… Any chance you remember what the name is? Fingers crossed. 😁

  4. Where did you find your bedspread and rug??!! I’ve been looking everywhere for a Navajo or Aztec looking duvet cover and rug!! Please let me know!! Thanks!

    • Well now that I’ve read I know where you found your Pendleton blanket… do you know where to buy discount Pendleton stuff? Is the rug Pendleton as well?

      • Hi Amanda, we get more questions about that Pendleton blanket. I wish we sold them…..There is a Pendleton outlet in Oregon, but that’s the only discount I know of…Sorry. The rugs (we have about 8) came from El Paso Saddleblanket. A 5X7 is about $80, pretty good deal. They have a website, http://www.elpasosaddleblanket.com/ but don’t always offer everything in the pictures…sooo, we made a coupel trips to El PAso….hope that helps you.

  5. can you please tell me
    Where this bedding is from? I absolutly LOVE this entire bedroom! The room with the wood wall and red and black Navajo bedding?

    • Hi Heather, almost all of it is old Ralph Lauren (the black/white striped sheets, khaki comforter, and red/black heartline pillow cases) the big khaki pillows came from Target, and the Navajo blanket is from Pendleton. They don’t make that specific one anymore…..but there are a few similar ones.

    • Hi Bri. It’s not really a bedroom set. They are just linens I’ve collected over the years……like clothes. The black/white stripped sheets, the red/black Navajo pillow cases, the black denim shams, and the khaki comforter are all Ralph Lauren…….and long discontinued. The Khaki Euro pillows are floor pillows from Target, and the Red and Black blanket (everyone asks about this one) is from Pendleton. We bought it in New Mexico about 5 years ago. Pretty sure it’s been discontinued as well. But they have several similar ones on the website. OoOhh and the small black/grey Navajo pillow I made from Ralph Lauren fabric scraps left over from a client. Sorry……

      • Hi Christina! The bed is from Room to Go! It was supposed to be temporary till we found a better one……and we haven’t yet. The dressers, there are 3 pushed together, are Lack dressers from Ikea. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Donna, the bedding is mostly Ralph Lauren; the heartbeat pillowcases, and stripped sheets. The bed blanket is an old Pendelton. and the rugs are from El Paso Saddle blanket. Glad you like it.

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