12 comments on “And So It Begins…

  1. So NICE! You are going to be SO HAPPY with this when done! oh…and did you guys have a big lottery or perhaps WinStar win you failed to share with us?? That sink & faucet are so FAB!!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Honestly, we are doing this on the cheap…kinda,… the counters were the biggest expense, and we are keeping Ikea in business lately, but since we are doing most of the other labor ourselves…..it’s been pretty reasonable so far (crosses fingers)

    • Stay tunned, it’s getting much cooler…..just installed the other side cabinets today, and Ben comes tomorrow to do under counter lights….then we do tile….

  2. Wow, it looks great! Love the color of your granite. I have the same faucet, and love it. My sink is close to my stove, so it works as a pot filler. Your blog is so much fun to read, James. See you in April!

  3. here visiting from kara paslay’s blog….glad i did! love your style! you were probably close guessing a 3rd grader mitered the countertop….from my experience usually a 3rd grade education level. did you use corian or silestone? hard to tell from the photo….but they are indeed beautiful. i love the color. cant wait to see the rest of your place….going to check it out now

    • 3rd grader installed all the parquet in the house as well…….we used granite in the kitchen…..it looks like silestone….but it has veins throughout (just very faintly) we wanted a polished concrete look.

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  5. I found your blog recently and have been enjoying your back posts. Had to inject here that those counters sure make the cabinets 100 % better! Your banter and décor are wonderful. Especially love the coats and boots in the bedroom and plan to use your Fall front door idea with leaves and flashing lights (sounds tacky but looks wonderful) as soon as the hot Texas summer has quelled a little in September. We’re right up North from you and hope you will show the name of good sources you use when you discover them. So hard to find sources that live up to hype.

    • So glad that you found us! And Wow, you are reading back posts! Don’t go too far back! They’re a little rough.

      I promise to reveal all good sources too!

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