8 comments on “Goodbye Side-Walk…Goodbye

  1. This is so encouraging, because we have so much random concrete on our property. It seems that the original owners kept adding into existing walkways and patios to make large expanses of concrete. It’s gotta go!

  2. Sounds like you may have a couple of home projects going 🙂 The bathroom redo and this.

    Good luck and can’t wait to see the finished deck.

    Even if you didn’t go with a new deck, just extending the current itty, bitty patio you do have would have worked, but I like your plans much better.

    • We’re kinda embarrassed to be starting another big project. I knew a few readers would think that we’re biting off a lot too. But the deck is pretty much all someone else’s work. (with my supervision) The timing is off, but this is our chance to get what we’ve wanted for years….and we’re taking a deep breath and diving in head first. So much extra living space…..Just wait till you see!

  3. High speed lava lamps, hey…You make me laugh. Glad you’re doing another wonderful project, but I am anxious to see those turquoise tiles in the bathroom. I know I shouldn’t nag, but call it a nudge not a nag.

    • Not nagging Carole, there’s been a bit of a set back with the bathroom. We had to call in a professional plumber to “un-do” a few mistakes. Sorry to start a new BIG project, but I promise that we’ll be back in the bathroom soon. (Jamie isn’t quite so apologetic about his “nudging”)

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