7 comments on “New Central Heat and Air

  1. I am really glad for you guys, although I fear you might need to be printing money in that garage to cover the massive expense of this new system! We know that a new system for our own home is not that far down the road for us…..dread the day! Sure will be nice, though, once it is done. Nice work on that quick outside paint job….makes for such a nice look without too much effort at all. Somehow, after following the two of your on your journey with this house for the past few months, I don’t think that new deck is THAT far away….in fact, I think I might just be able to see it from here…..!

    • Vickie Stop! We can NOT get a new deck this year….we have to make a dent in that Air conditioner debt first…..but next year? hhhmmm…watch out. I keep drawing pictures of it…even showed Jamie the huge cedar posts at the H Depot….

    • OY!!! is right !! We knew it was coming, I would much rather post about decorative things…but this blog is a document of our lives here in the Cavender house. The Cool, Cool Cavender House, that is…..

  2. aaaahhhhh….cool is good. Here in NoVA we have finally gotten a break in the crushing heat.

    As far as boring but necessary house infrastructure work is concerned…my husband does a great deal of our mechanical repairs. He was in the Navy and maintained nuclear power whatevers aboard an aircraft carrier, so your basic 2 ton system doesn’t phase him. THANK GOD.

    Now decks….decks are another matter. 🙂

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