6 comments on “Drain Flies are Gross

  1. I was going to suggest an enzyme, which is what your product probably is. The one I use is industrial; used by restaurants and janitorial companies. It’s great for drains and septic tanks, I use it at home. Vinegar and baking soda might have worked also! I have to say drain flies are a pretty little fly. They are just in the wrong place and need to move along!

    • Yeah, Chris. It’s an enzyme. If there’s a way to not use toxins, I’ll always try that first. They are just gross. “Move along”, is right.

  2. Look at it this way – in the enlarged photo they look all artsy – golden shimmering wings, silken hairs all over their little bodies. I can see that as an art project…… however, in reality, they are gross and it is nice that you made quick work at getting rid of them. I usually just use hot water and vinegar which I think takes longer than the route you took. I had worms do the same thing during one of my remodels. Not to be graphic or anything but….seeing as we are friends and can talk truths with each other………talk about gross, especially when they dry on the walls over night. I’m not sure which one is worse. The flies eventually die out anyway whether you do something or not but the worms just kept on giving. I’m glad that is over. I still have nightmares. Too bad I don’t fish.

  3. To everyone a place, and to everything a purpose….yeah, still I’m with you! Ick, ish, and yuck! Glad they are gone, besides, when you swath them, you are stuck with a little black smudge that is equally hard to get rid of!

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