13 comments on “Solar Powered Attic Fan

  1. Don’t tell my husband, but I’m liking that view of Scott. OOPS! Did I say that out loud?!

    Anyway and speaking of my sainted spouse, he has been jonesing for an attic fan for some time. I’m eager to hear how well yours works. While it’s probably nowhere near as hot here in Northern Virginia, it gets pretty muggy.

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  3. Wish we had seen this at the fair …it must have been the ONE THING we DIDN’T look at while there. I like the idea of it because our attic gets SO HOT and we don’t have radiant barrier either. We might have to have 2 of these so I wish I knew how much they cost. Time for me to Google them and get more info. I think it has a very slick look up there….now to show my husband and get HIS take on them. If we get some for our house I till try to get you guys some kind of referral credit from these folks. Cross your fingers, gentlemen. Oh…and I liked your pictures quite a bit…..just sayin’…….

  4. Vickie, you are so sweet. Not sure if they give referral discounts (or credits), but you can give it a shot. If anything, I’m sure they would like to know that someone is saying nice things about them online. We love this thing so far, but it’s way too early in the year to say if it works like magic all summer. I’ll let ya know..
    I honestly didn’t plan on so many pics of Scott’s but…..but he wouldn’t turn the other direction.

  5. This solar attic fans can help your room and houses ventilation. You can save more money having this than aircondition. The only money you invest to this is when you by the fan because it is solar operated so need for electricity. -http://www.quietcoolfan.net/

  6. Love to see solar technology in action like that. Did you see the difference in your electric bill? Some attic fans actually use quite a bit of electricity….Congrats on a job well done!

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