14 comments on “Tank? We don’t Need No Stinking Tank

  1. OMG!!!!! You’re going to love it!!!! If you don’t feel well you can sit in a hot shower forever and never run out of hot water!!! It’s like heaven!!! I love ours!!!

  2. Oh man!! How wonderful!! I wonder if they will ever come down in price? Lucky you!…or I should say, lucky Jamie.

  3. I noticed that your former water heater was gas so I am thinking that the tankless one may be gas also. My neighbors came close to dying from a carbon monoxide leak from their fairly-new tankless water heater. Of course they don’t all leak but I would be sure I had a working carbon monoxide detector nearby.

    • It takes awhile for our hot water get hot. The people who put it in suppose to come and check it…again.

  4. You are going to love it! Expensive up front but really saves in the end. You aren’t having to keep water heated 24/7.

  5. How marvelous, I’m so jealous! I am dealing with the tiny water heater issue myself right now; in my new (to me) house, the current one will not even fill one deep jetted tub full without running out of hot water!! And I live alone! Don’t think I can spring for tankless though 😦

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