3 comments on “Essential Movie Scratch-Off

  1. You’re speaking my language! Speaking of having seen movies, how many nominated films + performances have you seen this year? My tally’s at an all-time low, a far cry from the days when we’d have seen every single one. I found 3 Billboards Outside Of Ebbing, Missouri @ 10:45 this a.m., but we didn’t go. Anyway, TY for the heads up about the poster!

    • I LOVE movies. And usually try to see most of the nominated films. Since they opened a theater/bar near us…we see movies all the time now. But I think we missed most of the Oscar picks this year. Honestly, “Shape of Water’ was amazing. Such a lovely fairy tale of a story. I hope it sweeps. “3 Billboards” is now available to buy/rent….but we haven’t yet. I Do love Francess Mcdormand…Did you see “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day”???? YOU MUST!!! Right Now! Loved “I, Tanya”. Didn’t care much for “Star Wars”. Wanted to see, “Call Me By Your Name” and “Ladybird”….but failed. I know I’ll love those 2 also. “Black Panther” was good, not amazing, but good.

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