5 comments on “Guest Room Redoux

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  2. I love this room. I have the same Angus poster, I love the way you have it arranged. If you don’t mind me asking where are your linens from? Even in your master bedroom, where do you find these beautiful linens, throws, etc.??

    • Actually, most of them are from Ralph Lauren. The black and white stripe, can you tell there are small skulls and cross bones?, were so cool that I bought (gasp) 3 sets of them….about 4/5 years ago. The Buffalo check squares were an RL outlet score……could only find 3 or I’d have a dozen. And the khaki blanket is RL too, had that about 20 years now. The Navajo blankets are all Pendleton, I’ve been collecting them for about 10 years…..so I have quite a few.

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