30 comments on “Tool Cart…..or Possible Barcart?

  1. Look on Harbor Freight’s Facebook site. Every month they post coupons one of which is a 20% off any item one. You can even use it on items that are on sale. You can only use one per visit but you can print it as many times as you want and use one every time you go.

    • Angie, that is the best thing I have heard all month…We are headed back for a tool cabinet for the garage next….LOVE that store so much!!!

      Thanks for the advice….

  2. Dude, you are so cool! Thanks for your creativity and vision. You inspire me to think beyond…

    • We are so glad that you can find a little inspiration from us….That’s all we are hoping to do

  3. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!!!!! Brilliant idea to invert the bottom shelf for now! While I might paint mine a different color, I DEFINITELY believe that one of these nifty little carts is in my immediate future. And yes, I ADORE Harbor Freight….Northern Tool & Equipment, too! Angie’s tip about the 20% off coupon is FABULOUS so you KNOW I will be taking full advantage of THAT!!! I love this blog more every DAY!!!!!

    • Vicky, you are too sweet. we are both glad that you keep coming back….and there is 20% off a rolling tool cabinet in MY immediate future…

    • Thanks Sally, yeah, it blends right in…you would never know that red is my “least” favorite color…but somehow we keep acquiring red items….Jeesh

    • I hear that !!! We are going to make it a habit to stop in at least once a month from now on!!!!

  4. James- I can quite honestly say that is one of the best bar carts I have ever seen- way to go!! I love how you placed it in front of that great poster! Awesome colours. That is what I love about you guys-you aren’t afraid of colour!

    • Thanks Megan, I got that poster JUST to put over that cart. I LOVe Carter the Great! And he Will be framed in the near future (chunky black frame with no mat) AND NO Color Fear in this house…..our closets look like crayon boxes,

  5. James, I’ve been searching for the perfect, UNIQUE, bar cart and I believe I just found it. As I’m not handy at all, I’m sure I’ll leave as is. Love, love the bright red color as I too love bright colors. Thanks so much for sharing. May I ask – the cool floor lamp – where did you find that pretty?
    Thanks again for sharing!

    • Hi Mimi! Welcome aboard, Our bar cart is our favorite thing in the house right now…75$ with 7$ shipping is hard to pass up. We still need to have a party and “break her in”. The lamp is an old Ikea fixture, we keep a few in the gargage for photoshoots and sometimes they wander inside the house, the closest thing they have now is the Basisk….

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