41 comments on “Papa’s Got a Brand New….

  1. So, could you make the bag a little shorter and basically make two of them from one sack? Or is there something with the top of the sack that would make that a bad idea? I’m mainly curious about what to expect if I were to add another project to the ever-expanding list and order one of them for some experimentation.

    • Hi Cindy, yeah….our bag is a little long. We are both tall guys…….so cut your bag in half and get 2 bags. They make great pillows too…

      • I think this may have to happen. I might cheap out and make the bags out of ticking, but I love the strap on this!

      • Ticking would work too. Just make sure you roll down the top edge a few times so there are several layers to attach the strap too. Don’t want your bag to break on you.

  2. Sweet! I love it. Very clever and super stylish! And hey is that your scooter? We have a scooter, too! And since it can only be ridden 5 months out of the year here in MN, it will last forever.

    • Hi Elise, Jamie’s scooter. He uses it for the Gym and the grocery store……Still searching for one for myself. Course I want a “vintage” one.

  3. I’m pretty sure this is the coolest thing the internet has given me this week. I have no idea how you creative people come up with this stuff.

  4. I love it!! So excited that you guys have the Cottage of the Month!! I love visiting your blog (though I don’t leave comments enough). You have such a sense of style and mad skills at putting collections together. It excites me that you are in the Dallas area too. Congratulations. 🙂

    • Hi Stacey, I knew it was coming, just not sure when. Glad you recognized our place…….because there are no links to the blog (sad face). Glad we keep you entertained! and thanks for the commment.

  5. I love this!!! Very cool!
    I just discovered your awesome blog by Googling “adhesive spray”, ha!
    Pinned to my “Cool Blogs” Pinterest folder and following you. You do have an awesome blog! Pinning some ideas as well to my “Honey Do” folder, lol

    • Hi and Howdy! So glad that you did find us. Adhesive spray? Didn’t know that we used it that much…..must have been the gnome hats. Thanks for the love.

      • No, you used Krylon Spray Adhesive on your grain sack pillow , lol. I usually Google by images to find what I need faster. Great idea for the pillows by the way, which I pinned as well.

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