6 comments on “Humpty Dumpty Circus

  1. Although circuses are no longer humanely correct I still get excited over the colors of the vintage advertisements and toys that I sporadically come upon while browsing antique stores. Owning a collection of this size would be any “big” kids dream come true.

  2. I found you images by random. I have my grandmothers collection of Shoenhut animals. I am torn between displaying them “as is” or restoring them. They were heavily played with by my dad and his siblings. Is it a crime to restore? The colors are so vivid in your pictures. Thank you!

    • Hi Elizabeth, A decade ago my dog, a rescued Doberman named Harley Davidson, chewed a few holes in my favorite sweater; an oversized Navajo cardigan. My tailor told me that she could mend them with patches (inexpensive) or reweave the holes so no one would ever be able to tell they had been there (Very expensively). I opted for the patches, and I’m so glad I did. Harley’s been gone for a while now but every time I wear that sweater I think of her sweet face, and those first few weeks of us learning to understand each other. I say leave them exactly as well-loved and well-played with as your father left them.

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