36 comments on “No, You Won’t Hear the Ocean……

  1. Now .. You KNOW… Some sweet little dlave child in the Phillipines or India works her fingers to the bone making these. … And you gonna put her outta bidnrz!

  2. I think yours looks much better than theirs…really. But I would have liked a taller pot. I would think you’d find something useful at a yard sale and man, if I had tubSSS of shells, I’d go to work making Christmas presents! I love your blog.

    • Thanks Linda. I thought the same thing. The next pot will be a thrift store find…guess the possibilities are pretty endless……

  3. Looks fabulous! Works great with broken tiles or dishes too. We made so many with our kindergartners. Of course, I did the grout. The shells look great too on little jewelry boxes for your friends. Love, love, love your blog!

    • Aww Tracie….I do have soem broken Fiesta pieces…HHMMMM…..Jewelry boxes sounds like a great idea too…..We’re they called “Sailor’s Valentines”?

      So glad that you found our little blog…we do our best.

  4. Clever use of sweet memories. Something to do with the grandkids when they get old enough. And for sure yours is better than theirs. 😉

  5. Wisteria is having a big sale right now. Maybe your pot is on sale. Your pot looks wonderful by the way but I was just thinking about your time having to wait for the glue to dry. Also try E6000 glue. Great job!! You’re so creative!

  6. Nice work….I have noticed that you do nice work massing materials ( I still can’t get your Christmas antigue ornament wreath out of my head).
    Question….I want to do a wall in wood, but I don’t want to finish pallet boards because of chemicals that may be in them. Have you done anything like that? I want my 12 year old sone to pin on to it without worry of damage….so something that could take abuse….Just thought you might be the ones to ask….
    From Lake Michigan

  7. Wow…your pot turned out absolutely GORGEOUS. That $100 pot has NOTHING on your $8 pot. You could make a killing on ebay or Etsy!

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