7 comments on “The Quest for a Map of Dallas

  1. When I redid my beach house I wanted to get a couple of vintage beach movie posters, Beach Blanket Bingo and Blue Hawaii. The eBay posters were a great price. When I received them they did not meet my expectations. I’m not sure of the printing process but they were “off.” The paper was nice but the images were blurry and the colors not quite like the originals. I finally bit the bullet and got them (I think) from Art.com. Much happier. I’ve had great luck with most things from eBay though. I hope your map turns out well. It’s awesome that it shows your plat.

    • I know exactly what you’re saying. I had a similar problem with a King Kong movie poster. The replacement was much better. I order from Art.com and Allposters.com all the time for work…… We’ll just have to see if my Dallas map is “ya get what ya pay for”….. High hopes though……

    • OK, that is seriously awesome!!! I may have to alter my story now…you think I could get it printed at a Kinko’s…they are pretty picky about what they print

      • I just uploaded the LOC file to Gallery Direct and ordered a framed 36×38 print for $68. Let’s see if this works out!

  2. Those maps are great! We have a lot of similar items (well, Minneapolis – not Dallas) on the walls of our office; I work for a title company. What I love is that one of them is a plat map, and my property is on it! It was printed prior to 1904, because our neighbor’s property has what looks like a little drawning of a Monopoly house on his lot, and ours shows up as empty. 🙂

  3. You can get a copy of Sam Street Original Map of Dallas County (circa late 1800″s) showing the original large tract property owner’s and locations of many now gone small cities eaten up Dallas’ expnsion for about $6 in the real estate office which was/is in the old Record’s Buiding downtown. I have done this several times and framed them for family and friend’s over the years. I had a much harder time doing so in 2013 but the head of the department took it upon himself to find it and ultimately did. Worth a try.

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