4 comments on “Artist Profile – Brian Carlisle the Gadget Sponge

  1. Those are brilliant! I checked out his website, too, and sent the link to a friend. Brian’s creations make me feel like less of a hoarder and more of a PLANNER. I just made a coffee table from an old army ammo crate (from the surplus store). (I also bought 25 whooppee cushions from the same store – those are just to randomly mail to friends.) Thanks for your wonderful posts – you are now officially my favorite blog.

    • He gives me the same hope Elise…Now it feels like I’ve been “planning” for all those awesome upcycled creations.

      AND 25 whoopee cushions??????? Your friends are so lucky.You are just like me! I have boxes of “future gifts” in the garage. I also buy birthday cards 5-6 at a time, so I always have a few on hand.

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