19 comments on “Welcome Back

  1. Here’s what I know. Nobody makes blue paint like Ralph. Not even Martha. You can come close by having it matched to a cheaper paint, but it’s just not the same. Who wouldn’t want to have a blue chambray bedroom? YUM!

  2. I loved the Ralph Lauren paint!!! I painted my kitchen in the navy blue denim and loved loved loved it!! It was easy to do! Then I found the sheer metallic paint that you pretty much had to spray on the walls for it to look right. I painted my daughter’s room at college and at home with it. In the college bedroom I sponged it on and it was gorgeous. At home we had it sprayed on. Beautiful also! Right after that was when they discontinued the paint. So disappointed! So glad it’s back! Beautiful paint!!!

    • I’ll bet that metallic looked great sponged on! I’ve used it on “objects” but not walls yet…..I need to find a place to use the denim.

  3. Until last year my entire home’s interiors were painted in Ralph’s paint. When they pulled his product from HD shelves I didn’t just complain, I flat out bitched!!! Got me nowhere! But at least they knew RL had a loyal following. So glad he is back…..and now I need to see if I should update some walls…..nobody does anything like Ralph does EVERYTHING!!! Thank you for this new information!

    • Vickie, I was bitching right next to you…..we had time to buy 2 cans before it was completely gone; the black on our fireplace and a yet , unused chocolate brown……

  4. Que the angels is right! I am so happy!!! Our last house was all RL paint. In this house, I have one guest bathroom suede, one guest bathroom is river rock and my dining room is metallic. I LOVE this paint! A couple of my bedrooms are just regular RL colors, but there is nothing “regular” about RL colors. They just stand out from all the rest. Happy day! I can finally repaint my master bedroom and bath, because I know I can find a color I really like.

  5. Oh, great…now I can spend even MORE money at Home Depot than I already do!! 🙂 Thanks for the head’s up. That denim effect is to die for!!

  6. Hey, when I google the cavender diary, there’s a teaser that starts talking about a haunted house, but when I click, it brings me to this post (a fine one indeed!) and acts like it’s the most recent. I don’t know if maybe something glitched, but I thought I’d let you know. I’m starved for more from y’all!

    My little brother’s room at my parents’ is still painted in their denim finish from the first go-round, and has been so easy to update as he’s grown. They painted it as the bottom half of a chair-rail and just did white on the top half, with a nice piece of trim between. It’s deep enough that it recedes to the background, but definitely defines the space as manly and classic. Love my Ralph!

    • Hi Sadie, yeah, there was a technical issue with the blog last week……..didn’t know anyone would ever see it ( or the first line of the post at least) Anyhoo, love the idea of denim paint just under the chair rail …..does sound rather “Boys Room”

      • That’s ok! I just got all excited about a new post! Can’t wait for more! 🙂

  7. I am just as excited as you are! I recently looked as to where one would find Ralph Lauren paints in my neck of the woods (the northeast suburbs of Baltimore – no, NOTHING like “The Wire”, just in case you were wondering). I, too, love the color and textures available through Ralph Lauren paints, and in fact used many of them in my first home. https://decorumdiyer.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/townhouse-time-travel-part-i/

    Now I am excited to visit my local Home Depot. 😀

      • Thank you! I actually skipped to Home Depot today and picked up every single Ralph Lauren brochure in stock. Thanks for the heads up! (I may to contemplate using some of the same finishes in my current home.)

  8. A confirmed Behr user here – largely based on the fact I don’t get headaches with the fumes, and it applies pretty well – but then maybe I have been missing something all these years. But after reading this I was so intrigued I rushed straight over to Ralph Lauren’s site and drooled over everything. I have since made 3 trips to Home Depot who have the display and the base paint, but not the tints. I am not sure what this paint has that engenders such devotion but I figure I should give it a try and expand my horizons.

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