12 comments on “Peppermint Candy Wreath

  1. I’m thinking you could finish off with some super clear spray paint as a preservative. Otherwise, it might start looking like Peppermint Candy at the bottom of my purse Wreath.

  2. I LOVE you guys and your creativity! What I really want to know from this post is :where did you get the fabulous lockers?? Cheers Heather >

    • Hi Heather, Those lockers were a dumpster dive find. an Hermes store was remodeling and I fished them from the open top dumpster in the alley. Caused quite a stir too, the store manager wanted to call the police on me, even called me a vulture. How can rescuing trash from a landfill be a “bad” thing? I stood my ground, and now they store out of season clothes in our den.

  3. Love. Not sure how you keep yourself from eating them while making it though. At least in my case quite a few would never make it onto the styrofoam frame.

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