7 comments on “William Joyce – Artist Profile

  1. What a lovely post. I love children’s picture books and often drool over the beauty of them. It is the artist that makes the book. The blending or art and words is such an simple yet elevated form and I don’t think appreciated by enough people. I did not really know William Joyce before this (but know all the animations and can see his style in them). Thank you so much for sharing this!
    ps – Santa skating…..I’d frame it and give it a special place each holiday season……with my woefully delayed decorating this would put me in the mood and set the tone. It is so warm and jolly all you really need is some hot chocolate and you are set!

    • Santa skating is such a GREAT print, that’s why I “liberated” one from the dumpster….I should pro’lly frame it (we have to rotate art now…not so much free wall space anymore)….OOOhhh, Look up Joyce’s books, they are all charming!! and only a couple bucks each on Amazon

  2. Thanks for this! I love all your posts, but especially the edifying ones. I never knew about William Joyce before. Merry Christmas from frigid Minnesota!

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