18 comments on “Every Collection Has A Beginning,

  1. OMG! Isn’t it worth it to have a special collection of something? I think you need more than one tree, though. I would put some on a wreath if they were mine. I collect the soft doll kind made by Gladys Boalt, but I may branch out, now that I’ve read this post. You guys rock. Ann

  2. I have ALWAYS loved your tree since the first time you posted it. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! How many ornaments would you estimate you have on the tree?

      • Holy Mother of Ornaments….now THAT’S a collection! This tree is one of the best trees I’ve ever seen…and I love the addition of tinsel. I use it on one of my trees, too…it’s a nice finishing touch.

  3. Ornaments with enormous character which makes an incredible tree. Love the tree and the wreath. Have a wonderful meaningful Christmas guys!

  4. What a beautiful “Old School” style tree, brings back lots of memories of Christmases past.
    By the way, awesome collection of Radko’s.

  5. I am Lithuanian so this tree is very close to my heart. That’s how my grandmother would have it. I mean that as a complement. Absolutely love it!

  6. What a beautiful tree. I could just sit and look at that tree all day long. Love the tinsel. What a great touch. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Beautiful tree! You and I have several of the same ornaments! I have the Indian, the suitcase (Bon Voyage, I believe is the name)the tiger, both snowmen you featured. Do you have Will Rogers? My first Radko was a simple Geisha girl. The best thing I ever did was get a rotating Christmas stand. Now I can see them all and I love it!

    • Ohhh Robin, How great!!1 Of course I have the little Will Rogers….”Will” I think…..And the little Geisha “Kim-Ono” I think. I used to have ornament twirlers…but it made me nervous to see my ornaments move on the tree……I like Bon Voyage so much that I have 2

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