13 comments on “Make Your Own Wreath

  1. Wau. That’s beautiful. It’s so simple. I like it. Those red berries are great.
    And I took quick tour on your house. It’s looks awesome. The kitchen is close to what I’ve always wanted. Great job guys =)

    Enjoy waiting for the Christmas!

    With Love SonyaBlue

    • Awww thanks, Glad that you found us.
      The kitchen here BECAME what we wanted after almost 2 years….Bathrooms are next on the list….keep watching

  2. And have you seen the “fresh” wreaths at the big-box home improvement stores this year? They’re brown and dried-out, and still proudly on the racks waiting to be sold. Pitiful! Your wreath looks so much better, and cost 1/3 of the price of the retail wreaths.

  3. You guys never cease to amaze me. I’ve always wanted the smell of a fresh wreath, but the prices are outrageous. Now I can try it on my own.

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  6. “wire from behind” Should the cut wire ends be on the back side? Wrapping the stems from the front near the bottom of stem? Sorry, trying to figure this out!

    • Hi Traci, Yes, wrap the stems from the front so that any loose wire ends poke out the back. The berries I just wrap wire around the bottom and push the wire through to the back and twist onto anything I can find. (Keep the front pretty, the back a slight mess) Hope this helps

  7. Love it tooooooo much.! I actually used to make all of my wreaths from fresh materials, then I switched to artificial and they are beautiful! BUT as you say I’m running out of storage room. The reason I quit was because of severe Osteoarthitis but I can do this. Thanks for rekindling my love of using fresh pine, etc., plus I used to put some fresh wreaths, hearth decos, garlands on my stairwell, over ever doorway etc. My brother said I was one of the only people he ever knew who decorated match book covers with felt and glitter trees, etc. on them in the bathroom. That was years ago!!! But boy did i have fun! Think you again!. Oh, and don’t forget to read “twas the night before christmas” to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nehews, all the little fellows. I am a retired nurse and I used to read it over the intercom at the Hospital where I worked and did it for years! Merry Christmas in advance.

    • Hi Sheryl, Nothing can replace the smell of a fresh tree, garland or wreath. I put them everywhere…..on every surface. I even scoop up the fallen needles and use them to fill sachets. They keep the “dainties” in my drawers smelling fragrant too. I’m certainly a fan of ” A visit from St Nicholas”, but have to be honest…the Grinch is my favorite Christmas story. So glad that you found us……and glittery match boxes sound just magical to me. šŸ™‚

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