12 comments on “Where to Store Our Wine?

    • Thanks Vickie…It was really so easy…And looks great too. The hardest part was transporting those 10 foot pipes home ..LOL

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  3. Jamie’s “Peace and Quiet Juice” — ha! Makes me want to give some liquor to my pup Rula, aka Barky McBarkerson. Seriously though, I just love the PVC. I’d been planning to cut some up to make hurricanes for outside. Bought the length of pipe but then read scary things online about how your chop saw can splinter the PVC. Did you find that to be the case? Things I read said to use a hack saw, but I am lazy.

    • You are the firs tone to tell me about the hazzards of PVC splintering.I use the chop saw for everything…never had any problems with the pvc. A Hack saw would take sooooooooo long.

  4. What an absolutely brilliant idea! Just did a kitchen remodel and have a cabinet area left over with an open door. After a long search to find something to do with it, I think I have found my resolution! I cannot wait to try this! Even my contractor thinks its a great idea! BTW, just stumbled onto your blog and I absolutely love you guys!

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