13 comments on “Great Big Barn Wood Star ……Continued

  1. Shut up! I am a long time lurker, but this star made me come out of my little shell to say – WAY TO GO!! I am in love with this thing. It combines my love of stars and the color red — I’m not sure it could be any more perfect. Great job!!

    • We are always glad to have lurkers…
      AND Glad you like it..We are in love with it too!!! We had everything it took to make it…so it was pretty much free…..

      It’s a perfect red, isn’t it?

  2. SERIOUSLY!? Just when I thought I’d seen the best of your projects….you show up with this! I can’t wait ot see where you’re gonna hang it. It’s too cool to have up just for the holidays…I hope it finds a permanent place to live. đŸ™‚

    • OOOh Tina, it only fits in the garage….hanging from the pipes pro’lly….or we could someday hang it in that backyard over the new deck….HHHMMM trying to hang it in the front yard for the next month…

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