16 comments on “SNAKE BITE LAKE SIGN

  1. I love this! Now I’ll have to think of something make with these letters. Maybe not EAT.

  2. Thank you! Your project lokks fantanstic! I’m going to have to give this a try. Thank you for the step by step tutorial, it makes it look easy enough even for me 😉

  3. How I wish I could tamp down my distaste for Hobby Lobby in order to get these letter. Alas, I cannot and so I perhaps will do without. Really like what you did with them…..

    • I hear ya…..Was a little hesitant to recommend them….but they always have everything. And you can’t beat 50% off….

    • Jamie screams every time he sees one……I tell him to leave them alone. The eat all the things we don’t want in our yard.

  4. I really like it. I love old signs. I have an idea. I suppose I’ll just go eat at Chick Fil A while I plan… I still haven’t set foot in our local Hobby Lobby. Where are you going to hang it?

    • Hanging in the kitchen right now….We just love it! Chick-Fil-A?????? LOL Don’t forget to add the Salvation Army to that list…..they are the worst of all (and pretend to be a charity)

    • I have….We have a massive one in Dallas, Michael’s too….but every company seems to have slightly different inventory…

  5. I’m with you on Hobby Lobby …. while I was in the middle of Nebraska there’s nothing but Hobby Lobby…man it was tough walking in there. Most I told why I dislike Hobby Lobby so much had no clue nor did they care. Love the sign and thanks for the tutorial!

    • Some companies I just can’t stomach……like Hobby Lobby…..but the Salvation Army is even worse. They are a Religious Organization pretending to be a charity. “Charitable” they aren’t …give ’em a Google.

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