5 comments on “Jute Wrapped Tin Cans

  1. Groovy project, as always.
    At last weekend’s French Market, I almost bought some rusty tin cans with rosemary planted inside them.
    I can’t recall, but I think there was twine involved. Rust rules, does it not?
    Excuse me while I put some cans out in the yard for the summer.
    I’m seeing a rusty tin can Christmas with rosemary ‘trees’.
    K A Y

    • Kay, I just potted 3 orchids in a rust and red sap bucket…guess it is a little big for the bathroom, Jamie wanted to know whay there was a “bush” in there now

  2. These are super cute! Great decor idea!! I’m asking bloggers to share their tin can DIYs this month at a new monthly Create With Me party and I would LOVE to see you link up!! Lindi @ Love Create Celebrate

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