17 comments on “Pine Needle Sachet (Great Gift Idea Here)

    • The Mexican’s have made “pepitos” very popular in Texas…on muffins, ice cream, yogurt….they are delicious. Maybe I WILL roast them next time….. with chili powder and salt..YUMMMM

  1. As usual, you guys are super creative. Maybe you could include a small mist bottle of pine essential oil mixed with denatured alcohol (or water) as a refresher spray for your sachets. Also, I love your personalized gift tags.

    • Thanks Sharon, good suggestion….The stamp for the gift tags was created for our Christmas Cards…but we have found other uses for it too.

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  5. That is a beautiful fabric.. can’t buy it like that anymore!! So , please tell me, how long will the scent last? I am making sachets and want to use pine needles. You do beautiful work.

    • Hi Deedie, I think the scent lasts about a year in a drawer. You can always refresh them with a little essential oil. Of course then, I wouldn’t put them on top of clothes….and, thank you.

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