36 comments on “What a Tangled One We Weave….

  1. Coming to visit my daughter there this weekend (from St. Louis) maybe we will come trick or treat! Looks so good! You all do such fun things!

    • We love St Louis! But we’re not ever going back up in that arch…….once is enough. Had to conquer several fears at once…..claustrophobia and acrophobia.

  2. The house looks great and the web is amazing. I know you could have made a spider in a New York minute to rival any spider living or faux, but you, clever man, saved your time and effort by going with a perfectly spooky ready made. Happy Halloween.

  3. As usual, you knocked it out of the ballpark!!!
    The house looks fabulous….going to borrow ideas! As always, thanks for sharing.😊

  4. Wow, your house looks so amazing!!! What a cool idea – even though I doubt I will ever, EVER, ever put a spider on my house I can appreciate how cool it is on yours! I do love the orange lights and the leaf garland – that’s more my style for my house. Spiders? Uggghhhh. Especially hairy ones like that! 🙂

  5. Your decorating is the best out there in internet land. It’s the right scale, non-cheap looking. Very, very good.

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