16 comments on “Aging Wood With Steel Wool & Vinegar

  1. Just wanted to say I love what you two have done to the house and highly enjoy your DYI attitudes! It helps us common folks out tremendously!

  2. I did the same thing on my new deck, but I used Apple Cidar Vinagar and only had to let it set for about an hour and then I used the steel wool to rub it on. The color was much darker. It works great. I love your Pipe shelving unit and your Blog. Have a great weekend

  3. Hey! I use this method to stain all the time, I love it – one tip you should try – while your vinegar is “cooking” for those few days, try painting your wood with super strong tea or coffee. It won’t change the color of the wood, but when you add that vinegar steel wool mix, BOOM! It goes nuts. The point is to add something acidic, and when you come over the acid with the vinegar/steel wool combo, some wonderful reaction happens and you can watch it age before your eyes. Give it a whirl!

  4. How timely — as my stash o’ vintage wood from our project house is dwindling day by day. LOL @ “science” + “use this only for good” . . . if only I was so witty!

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