21 comments on “The Christmas Tree for 2012

  1. I found your blog recently and so far, I love everything you do. Your tree does not disappoint! It is stunning. Looks like the professional desplays I see in NYC department stores.

    • Awww, you are so sweet! Thanks! 20 years ago I worked for Macy’s and we had a team of Polish professional tree trimmers – they showed me quite a few pointers that have used ever since. Glad we aren’t disappointing you!

  2. I adore your tree! I’m extra partial, because growing up we had a retro star tree topper like that, and we always had bubble lights (which are still so nostalgic for me, nothing like them!) and my Mom also collected German glass ornaments ( I just picked up a pair of cowboy boots to send to her). Your tree is like coming home! Although I love your addition of the whiskey barrel and the silver tinsel, truly beautiful!!

    • AAAWWW Thanks Ashlee, My friend Toni has a pretty similar tree to mine…she grew up with all those things too (she’s the one who got me hooked on the tinsel)

    • Aww stop! Wait 20 years and yours will be covered with more ornaments than you know what to do with too…..BTW…LOVE your little “Readers Digest” tree! I think they would make excelent gifts!

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  5. I just found your blog and I love your tree!! I can’t say I am anywhere near the amount of Radko ornaments you have. Can I ask how many strands of beaded garland you use to get that look? I would love to have this full look on my own tree this year.

    • Hi Kevin. I’ve been collecting Radkos for over 25 years now. I still pick up about 10 a year, although there’s hardly anyplace to hang them now. I think I have about 40 garlands, most about 6 foot long. I restring vintage glass beads with newer beads all the time, some are even plastic. I’m going for a look, not a pedigree.

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