9 comments on “October Give-A-Way (That’s Right, Free)

  1. I would love to give your witch a new home! I’m a new reader who just purchased my first home last year. I found your blog from the kitchen makeover post on Apartment Therapy and have been really enjoying seeing all of the projects you’ve undertaken in your home.

  2. I actually think you did a marvelous job on her and I think Amy will be very lucky to get to give her a new home! Don’t sell yourself short: you are RICH in talent, my friend!!!

  3. I think she would look really cute hanging in my classroom. I’m sure my students would all enjoy her.

  4. Aww… I would love to welcome your witch into my home. She has a story so that makes her awesome. I have the perfect spot in mind. It is near the Witch’s Crossing sign. Which happens to be right by the stove. Ha!

  5. She’s adorable – in a witchy way, of course! I’d love to welcome her to my home to scare/charm folks at Halloween. . . and beyond! Thanks for sharing all your adventures, and this opportunity 🙂

  6. Oh, witchy woman…I think you need to punch FLORIDA into your broom’s GPS and fly this way. You’d look perfect hanging in my sunroom! 🙂

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