12 comments on “The Crazy Mouse at the State Fair

  1. Those are awesome!! You’re just a couple of big kids! 🙂 It’s the crazy simple things that make life rich. Love that you enjoy life together the way you do – makes me smile every time you post. Thanks for sharing with us all.

    • AAAAwww, you are so sweet Marieanne. We are just ourselves. My hat is more a reference to Spielberg than a team endorsement.(it’s in most of his movies) ..but people are always asking me about the Yankees anyway….

  2. Oh no! With my great love for the Minnesota State Fair and all of its symbols, I’m so sad to hear about your poor Big Tex! 😦

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  4. Wow!!! Y’all are really scared ! It is so fun to have that feeling and then it is safe again!!!! I want to go on that ride some day! Yes!!

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