4 comments on “What to do with Christmas Cards….

  1. Love this! (And I especially like the 4th card from the top!) I may have to do this next year. I have a metal garland that I usually run along the top banister of the main stairs that spells out Merry Christmas and each letter has a clip to hold a card, but I usually get more cards that it can hold, so I’m always looking for a better way. So what do you guys do with the cards when Christmas is over? I can’t bear to throw them away — especially the ones with family photos or the occasional lovely handmade cards I get from special friends (cough, cough, looking at you two) — so I keep them and put them all in a holiday basket in the living room when I put out the decorations. One of my favorite traditions each year is pulling out that basket when all the decorations are up and looking through it and seeing how my friends and their kids have changed throughout the years.

    • OMG KIM!!! There isn’t a force on earth strong enough to make me EVER throw away a Christmas card. They are ALL in a holliday decor box, and yes, I too pull them all out every year and go through them…I Especially LOVE the ones of my friend’s kids. I have a dear old friend who always includes a family newsletter from their dog’s point of view…..Just charming….

  2. !!!!! I never throw them away either, Jim!! LOL – I have a huge pile in my closet of Christmas cards past and pics. Although, I do cut out my fave friends pics (I’m looking at you KIM!) and hang those on the fridge in my annual January re-do the pics on the fridge from the last year project. Also… I did go through a phase a few years back when I cut out all the sparkly giltter and fun vintage pics and used them to decorate Chrismtas gifts all wrapped in plain green, red, silver or white paper. But, that was a huge pain the butt and honestly I don’t think a single person every noticed the beautiful cards. 😦 I think I did that for 3 years. I love the ribbon idea!! Thanks y’all…and Happy New Year!

    • Joni, one year I hand made beaded snowflakes for embelishing everyone’s gifts…then watched in horor as they just tossed them aside with the rest of the wrappings. I just reclaimed them for myself…

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