24 comments on ““Vintage” Sign Letters

  1. What a great post to start the day – I ALMOST had coffee spew out of the ol’ nose, guys… I’m sort of thinking on the lines of “YEE HAW” for the Restoration Hardware letters. I will leave it up to people’s imagination where I would install them.

  2. When I first found your blog Saturday I viewed your house blog and photos. When I saw “RAT” on the wall (the S was missing in the photo) I thought “how cool…I need those, they spell out my initials (not something to necessarily be proud of but for goodness sakes, you had it on your wall…fun)! So should you decide to get rid of RATS and place Pharmacy (smile) up there on that wall, let me know, I’ll come pick them up. I’m just in south central Texas. Fun blog, great ideas! I’m following you now! thegoodlife54.blogspot.com

  3. I’m old enough to know what Martinizing means. 😦

    There are also big reproduction electric letters in a circusy font around. So much more fun to have vintage though. I have our initials in cinema marquee letters but have never found a space for them, and now I think initials are maybe over (says the girl with a monogrammed sweater).

    • Monograming is Never out of style! The “AME” in my American sign was going to be my name until I found the rest of the sign……

      I’m not sure what martinizing is either . (Can’t even get my auto correct to spell it for me)

  4. LOVE your American sign coat/hat rack set-up…with the boots below! I’m from TX too…so I totally love, and “get” your style! ha ha I may do the “EAT” sign you suggested, except maybe I’ll get the letters from Hobby Lobby, and spray paint them with some silver metallic! 😉 MUCH cheaper!

  5. Martinizing was a type of dry cleaning method…the more you know. (I double checked with Wikipedia in case I was making that up) I remember seeing the signs everywhere during my California childhood – One Hour Martinizing.

      • 13.25″Wx2.75″Dx14.5″H

        Nice size and finish for a decent price! Now I just have to figure out what kind of statement to make 😉

  6. Just found your blog…love it, so fun. Great design, great ideas. Love your wood wall behind headboard. I wrote a reply/comment yesterday but for some reason it never showed up. I mentioned that in your original photos of your sign RATS, it only showed RAT…my initials. Not a great word for your initials to spell, however, it just is what it is. I mentioned that if you decided to put PHARMACY up in that room I’d be glad to take the RAT (S) off your hands!!! Doubt you’ll give them up tho…just remember me when you look at them…that gal in south Texas! I saw those metal letters just last week at Anthropologie! I found a nice sized silver metal R at a thrift shop for $1.99 recently which sits on my buffet. I love the fact that thrift stores and estate sales and the like often write on items in permanent marker!!! So this is a test…we’ll see if this comment shows up or if it’s getting blocked for some reason.

    • You will be the first one we think of if we ever part with that RATS sign…but hoarders have trouble with letting go, ya know?

      Pharmacy will someday go in the garage on the other wall….or maybe the backyard….not too sure just yet.
      Thanks for reading along with us .

  7. Love the old sign letters – I admit I have EAT in my kitchen, but it’s been there for over 10 years – in old metal theatre marquee letters. I noticed you are halfway to ROCK STAR – it you switch up RATS, you’ll have STAR.

  8. Boys, I’m so glad you found Japanese Trash so that I could discover The Cavender Diary — you two have amazing masculine style and terrific taste! I’m a huge fan of bringing vintage signage indoors, and, while I don’t have any of my own to share, I do have a buddy who had this in his Austin home before he and his husband moved away: http://japanesetrash.com/living/

    By the way, ever thought of changing it up and spelling “TSAR” with those letters? Think Nicholas II, who — for bonus points — would have been a contemporary of Edward Curtis!

    • Did your buddy move to Sharron Springs, NY by any chance ? hehehe….I LOVE those boys!!! Rodger and Chris are just “DA Bomb”! I think we have VERY similar tastes (taxidermy mixed with modern elements and all) and I’m anxious to see what they do with that new/old farmhouse.

      Believe it or not, TSAR was on the list….I have a dear friend who collects Russian antiquities…RATS just seemed so much more unexpected.

      • Indeed, it’s Chris — who I know — and Roger (who I don’t, yet). Loved their place in Austin and can’t wait to see what they manage to cook up in Sharon Springs. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to ogle what you boys have done… 🙂

  9. need more letters? we have collected about 15,000 vintage letters so far! Stop me before I take on another giant stack of letters! love your style.

  10. I saw that same “DRUGS” sign on Hardcore Pawn: Detroit. I thought it was great how the sweetest looking lady brought it in and asked for $4k. He walked away after offering $800 as his highest offer, and she smiled and said no thanks. I don’t blame her, LOL! I was wondering whatever happened to it! It’s a great old sign, looks great on your wall. 🙂

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