6 comments on ““ImagineNations” Globes

  1. Those are really great, but my inner geography/cartography nerd is weeping for the loss of a perfectly good globe. I hope the globes that the artist uses were at least damaged. Sorry to be a ‘Debbie Downer’ about that aspect, but I am sort of a purist when it comes to maps/globes. So happy you shared though, because it gives me a great idea for a damaged globe that I have.

  2. “Where The Wild Things Are” has got to be the best one, in my opinion. My dad would love it for Father’s Day!

    • Yeah Chelsea, that one really touches my heart… One of the best books ever written. As a little boy, I would sit in my room and imagine that it would grow into a jungle just like Max.
      I had to show that globe.

    • Most of the tin ones came from eBay, but I see used globes at thrift stores all the time……OK, maybe not “all the time” , but I do see a couple a year at thrift stores/garage sales.

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