6 comments on “Vintage Boy Scout Handbook

  1. I love the 50’s-era illustrations, somewhat like those of the Dick + Jane books. Norman Rockwell was not held in high esteeem by my college Art professors. Something about illustration v.s. fine Art.

    Re: books with duct tape — I have an on old baseball history book that is in shreds but which still has a prominent place in the Kay household.

    No mention of Madonna?

    K A Y

    • Rockwell never claimed to be anything BUT an illustrator. His drawings will forever represent the idealic American life of the 20th century. More than any other artist of the past 100 years…..No doubt.

  2. We have my husband’s old scout book from the 60s–he used to take my boys out backpacking from the time they were 6 and the scouting book was always w/ my youngest son.. We laugh that he learned to read w/ that old boy scout handbook–wouldn’t trade that grimy old well loved book for the world!!!!

  3. I have been looking at this book and am wondering if the name is Larry E. Carnahan. I googled that name and actually got some results.

    Love your blog and love your style!

    • Hi Terry, he wrote his name inside too, and I think you could be right.

      It’s a great book, lots of rifle adds in the back though….hhhmm

      We’re so glad that you’ve been following us.

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