9 comments on “American Road Trip

  1. Your brother just drove through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and into California. Love me a summer road trip.

  2. The first one reminds me of Norman Rockwell, and Im pretty sure grandma is under that blanket on the roof of the green station! Hey, I just ordered my free Angus poster, thanks for passing the info on!

    • The first one is a Hilfiger add…with no merchandise in it…..the other family Jeep picture looks more Rockwell to me…Why would anyone want the Grizwold’s car? and so glad you got your free poster!!! Rock on

  3. Oh please stop teasing me! As a child, my family of five piled into our huge station wagon and drove from Baltimore to Texas almost every summer. Once there, we often gathered the entire extended family into an RV and drove to Mexico, Arizona, and New Mexico to visit other family members. I love a good road trip. My one day family trip is to travel cross country in an RV to visit both Yellowstone and Yosemite. Aaahhh…..

    • When I was 14 we took a roadtrip in a motor home to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Tuscon, Santa Fe, Carlsbad, and San Antonio….best family trip ever….all of those images brought back memories of that trip…and Yes, Yellowstone and Yosemitie are on my list to visit too.

  4. Awesome pics! We are heading on our own family road trip this summer! Taking our boys (10 & 8) to the Black Hills. Apparently I need a Grand Wagoneer for the trip! (Did you know the grand wagoneer is coming back this year?! – i want one!)

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