8 comments on “Statehood Stamps

  1. I love this post!!! Love history facts, along side, with artsy tidbits! And, of course, Arizona, is near and dear to my my heart! Thank you! I am going to share this one with, “the girls”!!

  2. Nice! The last time they did all the states, I framed them for the bathroom that had postcard wallpaper. I think they’re 37 cents, but now I think I’ll just put ’em to good use.

    • Are you talking about the stamps that look like “large letter postcards”? ….’cause I have a sheet of those too. All 50 states

  3. Nobody loves the commemorative stamp more than I do! During my last trip to the P.O., I was admiring the Lady Bird Johnson sheet. I love the simple, vintage-ish, graphic illustrations of the Arizona + New Mexico beauties! TY for the post!
    K A Y

    • Kay, the one cent stamps right now are turquoise squash blossom necklaces………way too awesome…..and a shame that no one uses 1 cent stamps anymore.

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