5 comments on “The Best Scary Movies

  1. That Shining Poster is amazing.

    I remember seeing Night of the Living Dead when it was on tv, and I was very very young so it must have been soon after it was released. We clearly needed parental controls. I still think “They’re coming to get you, Barbara” is one of the scariest lines ever!

    They showed Night of the Living Dead on our 8th grade retreat in a snowy mountain cabin. After we’d all gone to bed, the boys realized that there were big enough chinks in the log walls to stick their hands through into our room. You’ve never heard a roomful of girls scream so loud. Good times!

    I do think The Ring is ridiculously scary for a modern horror movie.

  2. I love absolutely ALL of those! I’m huge on classic horror, and I agree that Hollywood can’t make a good scary movie without using buckets of blood and gore…BUT! Have y’all seen Drag Me To Hell? I thought that film was a fantastic return to a classic feel within the horror genre!

    Suspiria is a brilliant horror movie with a huge emphasis on design and color. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

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