12 comments on “Pumpkin Enchiladas

  1. I am from the capital of Tex-Mex-El Paso, Texas and love enchiladas. I definitely will have to try this with pumpkin. This will be a welcome from a red sauce. Perfect for the upcoming pre Thanksgiving holiday brunch. Thanks James.

      • I will be waiting for that recipe! This reminds me of one of the contestants named Ben Starr on season 2 of “Master Chef.” He loves cooking with pumpkin and has his own website and cookbook which I bought. Great recipes and an even greater sense of humor, and from Texas I believe. He should have a recipe book with just pumpkin dishes out one day, hopefully soon. Anyway, looking forward to your pumpkin lasagna!

      • I’ll look him up right now!
        I have to tell you that I bought a loaf pan the other day to make your sweet potato pound cake……I just couldn’t commit to a bunt cake pan….:(

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