40 comments on “Christmas on Cavender Street 2013

  1. Very festive! Merry Christmas to you both as well. I look forward to enjoying your posts in the coming year.

  2. Could hardly wait. Love everything y’all do. Your home at the holiday reflects passion , love and pure joy. Merry Christmas! Still covet that wreath 😉 and the white buffalo, please tell where on earth did you find him?

    • Hi Dana, Merry Christmas back at ya!!! The white buffalo is a recent find. Isn’t he the coolest? He’s Frankoma, I’ll post more about him next month…promise.

  3. Beautiful! I think you are a styling GENIUS!!! Something one must be born with….I don’t believe it can be taught…..you can either do it or you cannot.

  4. Simply breathtaking! You guys just do it right, and I realize there is a tremendous amount talent and passion involved, that’s what I love so much about the Cavender Diary! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (I have a feeling you are on the cusp of superstardom!)
    I look forward to your 2014 posts!

  5. Beautiful as usual! Love you guys and miss you both. Our guest room awaits whenever you get the urge to come visit the great Pacific Northwest. (Imagine the lovely things you could do with all this fleece!)

  6. Gorgeous!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – thank you for sharing your home with all of us, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts – they inspire me. 🙂

  7. This makes my heart sing it is so cheerful and wonderful. Absolutely makes me want to do a happy dance. Your home looks like a place of such joy and happiness and you are so creative. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing these photos and all that you post – this is better than egg nog! Now I have to run and try and get my wreath done…..sigh

    • Thanks for reading along with us Michele. Lot’s of joy here, in fact ,”joy” will be here by the truck-load in a few hours…better get to cleaning..Happy Christmas!!!!

  8. Thanks for the inspiration all year long…you make me continue to decorate and upgrade and keep the good stuff and use the good stuff and enjoy it all.. Merry Christmas from Kansas to you both….

  9. My holiday spirit was beginning to dim,
    (there wasn’t much there with which to begin!)
    Then I logged on and saw a new post, from the Cavender men,
    those guys are the most!
    Their house was all lit with the brightest of lights,
    and that opening shot, filled my heart with delight!
    The Christmas tree sparkled with so many things-
    just the right touch of Christmasy bling!
    The stockings were stuffed, and the teddies looked cozy,
    it warmed my heart so and that made me feel rosy!
    Peppermint wreaths and canes made of candy,
    a very cool cocktail, and your slippers are dandy!
    Thank you fella’s for all that you do,
    and now I will wish ……MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!

  10. I have been following your men fashion Pinterest board and decided to come take a look at your blog: I am SMITTEN with your sense of style. Your house is completely fabulous Merry Christmas!!

    • I’m so glad that you wandered over to us. We dress our home just like we do ourselves……Timeless, Thrifted, Rustic, Comfortable…and always very layered. Merry Christmas back at ya Francesca!!

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    • Thanks Kris! Aren’t you just the sweetest! Just crazy about your finds! I’ve been rescuing old pottery for decades, Bauer, Fiesta, Yellow Ware…..and Russell Wright. Gave away a “mother lode” of RW Iroquois just a few years ago. Man, I love that hunt!

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  13. Just gorgeous! If u ever decide to sell your large Indian poster, please let me know. I think it was from Ikea but from quite a while ago. Thanks!

    • Hi Patti, sorry, but the Chief is staying with me. Yupp, he’s from Ikea about 8 years ago and o get offers for him all the time. It’s possible to find one on eBay and I have a friend who scored one at Goodwill one. Happy hunting.

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