16 comments on “License and Registration, Please

  1. Just bought a 1965 Oklahoma license plate on Ebay! I SO wish I could post a pic here. 1965 is the year I was born- in OK. It’s in my oldest son’s room (also Sooner born). It’s so cool- white with black letters and lots of rust.

  2. We came *this* close to buying a United States shape in plates off of Dot and Bo just other day. It was under $300 and about 3 ft long. Soooo tempting, but we have lots of art that’s not yet on the wall yet. Sometimes I can show a little self-control. 🙂

  3. Okay. I thought I’d seen everything, but I’ve never seen old license plates used as wallpaper!
    LOL @ dive bar — thanks for killing my wallpaper buzz! J/K
    But seriously. Many thanks for the Cardinals shout out.
    Opening day is fast approaching. Go Cardinals

  4. The outdoor room divider one is fantastic! I want to make one, but I lack license plates. Would it be bad to just remove some from local parked cars?

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