17 comments on “A Fire Screen is Just a Fire Screen

  1. WTH that looked nothing like the one in the catalog, looks like they need to hire you, maybe then you would get a discount. Haha love it now, there is nothing you can’t fix with black paint! Genius as always!!!

  2. I, too, suffer from the blackspraypaintitis. When we moved into our house there wasn’t a fireplace screen at all! We inherited my folks’ brass one when they changed their fp to gas. Now, I love me some brass! But that bad boy got painted with the high heat black as soon as we could.
    When in doubt, paint it black.

  3. looks so much better. Bought 3 of their expensive stools and they don’t look like the ones in the catalog either. Still have to do some work on them to age them down. The ones in the store do not look as cheap as the ones they send you. They know you won’t send them back as it’s too complicated. What happened to the days when stores actually stocked stuff and you didn’t have to order online?

    • That drives me bananas too!!! The only things you can walk out of the store with is $50 soap and $75 candles. It’s all about making money, not high quality products. And I still love everything in that store!

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  5. Did you use the same black high heat for the brick? Please walk me through it or direct me to that post! I can’t wait to get started!!

    • Hi Libby, I don’t think I blogged about the black paint in the firebox. It was just one of the things we did before we moved in…..good thing too because the fumes are pretty intense.

    • Hi Shaune, I believe it’s Ralph Lauren “Granite”. It’s been that color for 7 years…..If they don’t sell Ralph Lauren pints near you, Home Depot will mix the color in a Behr paint for you.

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